Questioning wisdom of statue concept

In reference to the town council on the proposal of a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in town square, this idea has been sprung on the community without any adequate feedback, alternate proposals, costs for maintenance or liability insurance, to name a few concerns that are not addressed with the idea.

I am not opposed to having a statue added to downtown, but reality is, are the costs associated with this idea in the best interest long term for Napanee, or could these funds be used for better support for our community? Also, why is it that the town needs to supply land for this idea? How about this funding also provide the land as well as a plan to not push additional costs onto the taxpayers?

In terms of who to recognize in Napanee if a statue is accepted, should the entire focus be towards one person, or should we diversify and add in other options? We already have given him recognition in that we named the square after him. How about recognizing others in Napanee who have done lots for the community rather than the same politician who has statues all over the place in many cities across Canada? How about we celebrate farmers in the area, without whom Napanee would not be what it is today; or, start on the road to reconciliation and show the colonialists and First Nations working towards a common cause, like the repelling the American invasion, which without a combined effort there would not be a Canada.

There as so many people, groups, etc., that can be recognized to help spread the idea of inclusiveness, that putting another politician’s statue really leaves people wondering, is that all we have to recognize or celebrate in Napanee’s past achievements? Maybe it is time to give recognition to the real people who built this country — you know the workers, the citizens of Canada. It has not been just a select few who have made Canada into a great country to live in.

Peter McGrath,
Greater Napanee

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