More traffic measures needed around town

To add to Jane McGarvey’s letter in the Beaver, June 22, ‘Advance green light needed on certain streets’, I agree with her totally.

The lack of caution or street lights in some areas is just an accident waiting to happen. Even at the intersection of Centre and Bridge where there are lights has been the site of many accidents — one just as recents as two weeks.

I must add to Ms. McGarvey’s complaint. I live on Palace Road. It has quite a bit of traffic coming and going to the off/on ramp to Hwy 401. It is the emergency route for evacuation and used to reroute traffic off a the highway in case of accidents. At the corner of Palace Road and County Road 2, I have witnessed several car accidents here: off the road, beside the rock cut and also right through the skateboard park. Yes, a car went off the road and right through the skate bowl and ended up on the grass on the other side.

A caution light or stop light at this intersection is desperately needed. No children were hurt at that time. Now how safe is that for the skateboarding kids? I have witnessed cars speeding down the hill and under the train bridge to come to skidding stops. The highway bridge over the river gets slippery when just a smattering of rain.

My daughter rides an e-bike and always has to get off and walk her e-bike across the highway. She tries to follow all the rules but at times has had to resort to walking on the sidewalk for safety reasons. It’s a pink bike. She wears safety helmets and vest and her bike has taillights, headlights and direction lights, but she says she’s had some narrow escapes. I worry for her safety every time she goes out. Her night time travel is limited because of safety reasons but sometimes she needs to go to the store.

There’s a part of Palace Road that does not have sidewalks or street lights and for the safety of the occupants to the Palace Village we need something to light the way. There have already been too many accidents there and I don’t know what the town or roads department is waiting for.

Rose Laplante,
Greater Napanee

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