Driving infractions keep OPP busy in June

Beaver Staff

Aggressive driving and other infractions have been keeping the Napanee OPP busy this month.

According to the Napanee OPP detachment, its officers have responded to 301 aggressive or possible impaired driving complaints and 54 motor vehicle collisions since the beginning of June.

During June, the Napanee OPP have charged 15 drivers with stunt driving for excessive speed (driving more than 50 kilometres per hour above the posted speed limit); seven drivers with impaired operation of a motor vehicle; two drivers with a blood alcohol content in the ‘warn’ range resulting in a three-day suspension; and 10 drivers driving while under suspension

One driver was charged with driving while disqualified, while another was charged for failing to stop for police. Another driver was charged with driving without insurance. One driver was charged with failing to identify himself to police as required under the Highway Traffic Act, while another was charged with possessing a radar warning device.

The OPP report that these charges do not include the provincial offences notices (traffic tickets) issued by Napanee OPP in June, and only the offences that require a court appearance in Provincial Court.

The OPP say aggressive driving is a serious problem on Ontario roadways, and that every year people are seriously injured or killed as a result of aggressive drivers.

The police force urges that motorists drive the speed limit; leave early and give themselves lots of time to reach their destination; check for other motorists and use their signals; and keep a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them.

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