Greater Napanee to impose total burn ban effective April 1

A GNES fire truck. File photo.

In light of the fact Greater Napanee Emergency Services crews have responded to three grass fires over the past five days, the Town of Greater Napanee will impose a total burn ban effective April 1.

A total burn ban prohibits lighting any fires in open air and prohibits any activities that may start a fire such as setting off fireworks. All fires are potentially dangerous. GNES strongly advises residents to check with the Emergency Services department to ensure the total burn ban has been lifted before considering an open-air fire. Any resident not adhering to the total burn ban could face fines up to $200 plus liability for the cost of Emergency Services to extinguish an out of control fire. This total burn ban will be in effect beginning April 1, 2021 until further notice. For more information on the total burn ban, please contact the GNES at 613-354-4289.

GNES would like to remind residents that a burn permit must be obtained for all fires within Greater Napanee. Burn permits are available online through the Town’s website,, for $15 and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Never leave a fire unattended, only burn during favourable weather conditions and always follow the instructions on the burn permit. Due to dry conditions, fires can start and spread quickly and burn intensely.

The recent grass fires were:
• March 17 – Emergency Services crews from Station 1 (Napanee) and Station 2 (Roblin) responded to a large, unattended grass fire on County Road 2 near Deseronto, where they managed to stop the fire from destroying several outbuildings, a barn, and the main residence. Over $800,000 in property value was spared;

• March 20 – Emergency Services crews from Station 1 (Napanee) and Station 2 (Roblin) responded to a reported grass fire on County Road 12 that became out of control due to windy conditions. Approximately $500,000 in property value was saved;

• March 21 – Emergency Services crews responded to a reported wildfire on Pinegrove Road that was being monitored by the landowner but became uncontainable due to weather conditions. The swift emergency actions performed by neighbours and Emergency Services crews saved the primary residence on the property and $600,000 of the property’s value. Overall, $1,900,000 in insured property was saved by fast responding Emergency Services crews.

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