L&A County to host online event aimed at promoting ‘CommUnity’

Adam Prudhomme

Lennox and Addington County will be hosting a virtual event on March 4 that looks to put the ‘unity’ in community.

Led by keynote speaker Peter Kenyon, An Event To Grow Our CommUnity invites residents across L&A to share ideas and passions on ways to build a better county. The free event will be held via Zoom, starting at 7 p.m.

“We’re big believes to make a community better and to grow a community it really needs a team effort of all those that live and have businesses within Lennox and Addington County,” said Stephen Paul, L&A County’s director of community and development services. “That’s what this event is all about. It’s about bringing people together to understand that their ideas and their passions and some of the things they may have even as a hobby that we can work together on to incrementally make L&A a better place.”

Paul says the event is open to anyone who lives in the county and has an interest is discussing ideas of how to make it a better place to live and work.

“We’ve certainly really seen that during the pandemic of how everyone has banded together for the betterment of the group and the businesses and the residents as well,” said Paul. “From businesses working together to our residents really making a concerted effort to support local and to help businesses that have been struggling as well. It’s in that sense of community and that strength in numbers how we can create some things that are unique to Lennox and Addington County and how it’ll make us a location that other businesses will want to come to and other people will want to live here as well.”

From the event Paul is hoping to create teams of Naturally L&A Community Ambassadors.

“We’d love our residents to help us promote that Lennox Addington is a great place to live and Lennox and Addington is a great place to have a business and to help us expand out and be our eyes and ears and the driver of ideas is a big part of what we’re looking to do here,” added Paul.
One benefit of holding the event virtually is that the county is able to have Kenyon as the keynote speaker, all the way from his home in Australia.

“He’s a really a huge believer in the best way to grow communities is to work together and find creative ways based on the assets we have available in the interests and the passions of the people who live here,” Paul said of Kenyon. “When you can put those together, communities can do some pretty wonderful things. He will be providing us with examples right across the world of communities that have done this and their successes. Some are smaller things that have really taken off and then other things are larger. It’s all those things together that can make a huge difference.”
To register for the event, visit https://naturallyla.ca/events/an-event-to-grow-our-community/. An email containing the Zoom link will be sent to those who register.

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