Greater Napanee showcases local artists online

Adam Prudhomme

Greater Napanee may be in the midst of a provincial lock down, but that doesn’t mean its arts and culture scene has to go dormant.

Instead, the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee of Greater Napanee is encouraging artists of all mediums to continue to create and submit photos or videos of their work. They will then be shared to the Arts and Culture Advisory’s Facebook page.

Known as the Virtual Arts Show and Share, the initiative aims to showcase a local artist on a daily basis. The posts will include a brief biography of the artist as well as samples of their work. Professionals looking to sell their work can include a link to their website. The project isn’t limited to professionals however, as those just looking to brighten someone’s day with their art can also submit.

“Right now unfortunately we can’t do committees of council while we’re in lock down,” explains Brianna Clement, community engagement clerk with Greater Napanee. “(Sharing the art online) is just a way to help promote the arts and culture scene in the community while our committees are at a stand still. We just did it over COVID to give something for people to do who are home who might be doing art projects. They don’t even have to be professional, they can be amateur fun. Your kids are home and you want to finger paint or something. Just fun little art projects that you might want to share as a way to put a smile on people’s faces during this lock down period and kind of help to promote the aspiring artists and professional artists in our community at the same time.”

The Show and Share is open to artists of any age and skill level.

“If you are good at an instrument, if you want to take a video of you singing a song or if you’re in to dance, anything like that,” said Clement. “It doesn’t just have to be a drawing. If you’re working on a book and like to write short stories for fun, anything like that we are encouraging people to share.”

The videos could also be tutorials, showing others how to create a particular craft.

To submit a photo or video, visit…/arts-and-culture.aspx and to follow along with the daily updates, find the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee of Greater Napanee on Facebook.

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