Very early edition of the Napanee Beaver found in North Augusta

The date on this Napanee Beaver newspaper, found by Wally and Heather Ibersen of North Augusta, Ont., reads 1883. The Beaver was first published in 1870. Submitted photo.

Desiree DeCoste
Beaver Staff

Sometimes one can’t help but wonder how newspapers travel, whether they’re used for packing dishes or perhaps to fill a gap between a mirror and its frame.

That’s just what Wally and Heather Ibersen from North Augusta, about an hour and a half drive from Napanee, found when refinishing an antique mirror bought at a sale in either Napanee or Gananoque. Inside was a Napanee Beaver newspaper from 1883 wedged between the mirror and the wood frame.

“We do some antique work and refinishing,” Ibersen stated. “We found this paper in a mirror that stands on top of a table and it has a swivel top to it, it has the original mirror in it so I took it all apart because we had to refinish the outside of the frame and underneath the mirror was this folded news paper just to fill in a little bit of the space between the mirror and the wood.”

When the Ibersen’s first found the paper they had no idea the Napanee Beaver was still in existence and found some interesting writings on the pages.

“We didn’t even realize you were still in existence,” expressed Ibersen. “We noticed on some of the writings here it says you guys use to sell your papers for $1 for a year’s subscription. It’s kinda interesting the readings on the pages.”

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