Film crew to highlight L&A County’s best features

A film crew records footage of Harley Cunningham taking some kayakers from a trip on the Napanee River. The footage will be included as part of promotional material to showcase some of the attractions of Lennox and Addington County.

Adam Prudhomme

Lennox and Addington County was ready for its close up last week, starring in a series of videos that highlight some of its businesses and attractions.

The county’s economic development team brought in a film crew to get shots of everyday life in the region, filming on location throughout its boundaries.

“We’re lucky enough to have a great film crew here that’s going to be in the area for five days capturing footage,” said L&A County economic development officer Rob Plumley. “We have days planned in each of the municipalities, starting in Greater Napanee, then we’re heading to Amherst Island along with some things in Bath, there will be some things in the Hay Bay, Glenora area, Thursday we’re heading up to the Tamworth area, getting some shots of the downtown and then heading up to the Dark Sky Viewing Area and the Sheffield Conservation Area before spending the night at Bon Echo Provincial Park. We’re shooting some activities there and wrapping up the week at Skootamata Lake. We live in such a beautiful area it’s tough to get everything, but we’re doing our best to get a real snapshot of life in L&A”

Several local businesses will be included in the footage.

The videos are designed to both entice tourists and possibly new residents to the area, as well as to remind locals some of the great destinations right in their own backyard. The videos will also touch up some of the many recreational opportunities available on L&A’s many waterways, from paddleboard and kayaking to fishing.

During their filming in Greater Napanee they visited local shops while highlighting the trail along the Napanee River.

“We see this as a great opportunity to promote local business and also some residential attractions as well,” said Plumley. “It really hits on a lot of things that people are looking for these days.”

The footage will now be edited and presented online for locals and potential tourists to view in the near future.

“When we have filming wrapped up we’ll have an online campaign for it,” said Plumley. “We’re redesigning our website right now so a lot of this photography and video will be incorporated into our new website.

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