Napanee man recounts peacock sighting near River Road

Mickey, a peacock that was spotted in a flock of wild turkeys in Napanee back in 2017. Submitted photo.

Adam Prudhomme

Peacocks, with their bright blue plumage, might seem out of place among the other wildlife along the Napanee River.

But that’s exactly where Doug and Jessie Lomas say they saw one three years ago.

It wasn’t just a chance sighting from far away, either. Rather it was several sightings, up close and personal on the deck of their River Road home.

Doug, who has since moved from his River Road home but is still residing in Napanee, contacted the Beaver after finding the photos he took of the peacock he took back in 2017.

“We were visited by a flock of turkeys. They were attracted to my orchard of fruit trees that I planted some seven or eight years ago,” wrote Doug. “However on closer look, one of these turkeys did not look quite like a turkey. He had these growths on top of his head that the others did not. Further he seemed to carry his tail feathers a bit differently. When they ventured closer into our yard we noticed a different colour in the ‘turkey’ with the strange things on his head unbelievably appeared to be a peacock.”

Doug then began to do a bit of research and discovered peacock sightings have been reported all across Canada.

Shortly after the first sighting, his then neighbour came to his door and reported he too had seen the peacock in his yard.

As the weeks went on, the peacock was sighted more often to the point where Doug and Jessie were leaving food for him on the back deck. The Lomas’ even gave him a name-Mickey.

“Several times Mickey would disappear for a day or two, but always return,” said Doug.

He even reports seeing the bird fly nearly 25 feet to roost in trees on his property.

“Some have surmised that Mickey was an escapee from a domestic situation and that may be true,” wrote Doug. “It would be interesting if that was the case and the person who lost the peacock would come forward.”

Doug says he heard Mickey was captured and eventually relocated to a farm and as far as he knows, that’s where Mickey lives to this day.

Some time after his last sighting of Mickey, Doug says he also spotted a peahen near his old property. Unlike the males, the hens aren’t nearly as colourful and would more easily be mistaken as a wild turkey. They are more of a dark brown.

How they got to Canada remains a mystery, as there are none that occur naturally in the wild here. Despite their bright colours though, they are actually suited to cold climates, originating from India and Sri Lanka and are capable of weathering frosty temperatures.

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