KFLA reports 36 active COVID-19 cases, one person in hospital as of Friday afternoon

KFLA Public Health is reporting 36 COVID-19 active cases with one person in the hospital as of Friday afternoon.

According to the KFLA website, the person in hospital is now in the ICU.

KFLA Public Health minister of health Kieran Moore says the outbreak began when six workers at a Kingston nail salon tested positive for the virus. Seven individuals who had visited the salon at clients also tested positive, followed by seven contacts of the customers and then Friday they reported more contacts of the customers testing positive, which Moore says was expected.

“Despite very aggressive testing, everyone isolating and quarantining, we’re not seeing this outbreak expand and that’s to everyone who is playing their part in our community,” said Moore.

Since June 21 KFLA has tested 6.534 people.

The community continues to be listed as being ‘yellow’, the second of the escalating four level system. Yellow means there are few active cases with less than two active outbreaks. The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic is now at 100.

Face covers continue to remain mandatory for all indoor public settings.

For Moore’s full video, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J6ENmLL3Lo

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