An open letter to MP Derek Sloan

To Derek Sloan, MP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington,

We hope you have had the time to read  the recent letters to the editor in the Napanee Beaver. We were in the process of sending one in as well, but the opinions against your policies were exactly our feelings as well. We strongly disagree with all the policies you have put forward such as abortion, gun laws, conversion therapy, and gay rights. So much like the archaic agenda of U.S. president Donald Trump that we despise so much.

Looking back to the last election, you showed an interest in running for the leadership of the party rather than attending to representing the constituents of the riding. That is not what you were elected for. The constituents of this riding were not aware of your policies when you were running for election, but they are now. You will find it much more difficult to run again next election. We need a representative for the people, not one with no interest in doing so.
Dan and Stef Schwan
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