Admiring MP Sloan’s courage

Hard to forget Peter MacKay’s crossing of ethical lines in a taxpayer funded helicopter on his fishing trip.

Like today’s Liberals Peter balances himself safely along political fences as he keeps it uncomplicated while coveting the most challenging and complicated job in Canada.

One just has to admire the courage of Derek Sloan who boldly challenges Bill C-8 with shocking remarks to keep the conversation open to in order draw attention for kids’ sake. J.R. Rowling says that moves in this direction are pushing to erode the legal definition of sex and replace it with gender. She says “I’m concerned about the huge explosion in young women wishing to transition and the increasing number detransitioning.”

History is rife with decadent societies who were convinced that they were enlightened. In nihilistic and hedonistic Canada, wisdom has slowed to a trickle. A 38% divorce rate in 2018, rising use of drugs, illegal substances and medications and a country where suicide is the second highest cause of death for youth 10-24 should tell us much about today’s fragile youth. Add this to the fact that their future is burdened with crushing debt caused by the void in leadership who’s only skill is to buy voters with their own money.

Derek appears to be attempting to alarm us out of our stupor by jabbing his finger towards the real problems and solutions. Derek does have a great deal of other excellent policies but he is up against real fine competition from Erin O’Toole and Leslyn Lewis.

Barry Robinson

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