L&A Museum seeks families as subjects for upcoming photographic exhibit

Photographer Viara Mileva, who specializes in capturing family moments, has been asked to put together an exhibit featuring 10 local families for the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives. Submitted photo.

Desiree DeCoste
Beaver Staff

L&A County Museum & Archives in Napanee is working on a new exhibit and needs help from local families of all sizes and backgrounds.

Museum staff are currently planning an exhibition of photographs of family life taken from all across the L&A area and are looking for 10 families to participate in a project that’s all about capturing family memories and the small moments.

They want to document people’s real lives in all their (extra)ordinary magic.

“I’ve been a photographer for five years and am self-taught. I was a parenting researcher before this and have a PhD in parenting psychology,” said Viara Mileva, photographer for the exhibit. “Nowadays, I photograph families living their everyday lives. I’m a photojournalist and have a package called ‘Day in the Life’ and another called ‘Year in the Life’ where I follow families around and document the extraordinariness of their ordinary moments.”

All family types are welcome to apply. Families can be big or small, and can be made up of parents and children, romantic partners, grandparents, multiple generations living together and pets.

What the museum requires from applicants is one hour of your family’s time and information about an activity they will be doing during the session.

Suggested activities are ones the family enjoys doing together at home or a favourite family hangout spot. Examples could include hiking in the woods, fishing, playing with toys in the backyard, baking cookies, sitting around the campfire, planting a garden or cooking. The museum is looking for regular, every day activities.

Families that participate will receive edited photos from the session.

What the museum will receive is permission to use photographs in exhibitions, promotions and publishing without condition, a photographic documentary of contemporary family life in L&A County, partnerships with area families that introduced them to the value of the museum and archives, and an opportunity to tell a unique story through the lens of a professional photographer which has not yet accomplished in the L&A County museum.

Mileva will contact participating families to arrange a time for her to stop by and take photos of families magical moments once the application process is over.

“The museum approached me about this project. They wanted to showcase the richness of family life in L&A and to have a photo exhibit of modern life,” Mileva expressed. “I’m originally from Bulgaria but have lived in the UK, Netherlands, Saskatchewan, and for the last six years, in Loyalist Township.”

Applications will be received until July 13. For more information and to apply, complete the form available at lennox-addington.on.ca/museum-archives/our-ordinary-extra-ordinary-lives-request-for-families

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