MP Sloan’s ideas antiquated

I am increasingly appalled by the words and actions of our MP, Derek Sloan.

To date, he has seemingly put far more effort into winning the leadership of his party than into improving the lives of his constituents. I have not seen that he has done anything for our riding except embarrass us on the national stage. Mr. Sloan has been widely criticized for making comments that I consider to be racist and homophobic. He supports conversion therapy, and would like to take away the reproductive rights of women and the right of LGBTQ individuals to marry.

Now he has added the dismantling of gun control laws to his platform. Does he truly believe that the majority of Canadians would feel safer with gun owners being allowed to carry either open or concealed weapons at all times? One only has to look south of the border to know how much more dangerous life can be when gun culture is allowed to proliferate unchecked.

I have to wonder why Mr. Sloan’s 19th century, far-right values, which would fit well into Trump’s Republican Party, were not made public before the election. Perhaps that is because he knows those regressive, antiquated ideas would have lost him the election. Or perhaps he does not really believe in the policies he has put forth recently, but thinks they will play well with the party’s base in the leadership race.

In either case, I find them deplorable and wish he would concentrate on doing his job as elected representative of all his constituents.

Penny Robertson


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