Greater Napanee finalizes sale of Heritage Park land for $1.15 million

A map indicating the 16 acres of land sold by the Town of Greater Napanee to Selkirk Custom Homes Ltd.

Beaver Staff

The Town of Greater Napanee has sold about 16 acres of property located on the former Heritage Park Subdivision land to Selkirk Custom Homes Ltd. for the purchase price of $1.15 million. 

The town’s sale of the Heritage Park land was finalized on April 24 through Rogers & Trainor Commercial Real Estate to James Selkirk of Selkirk Custom Homes Ltd. for the company’s Millhouse Yards Subdivision Project. 

“It is great to announce an addition for a subdivision in our boundaries,” Greater Napanee mayor Marg Isbester said in a release. “I want to welcome James Selkirk and [his project], Millhouse Yards Subdivision, into the area; I look forward to seeing things as they progress.” 

Selkirk says he is eager to begin the project after all the planning involved.

“It has been two years looking to find the right fit for a development,” said Selkirk in a release. “I have found the community and (Greater Napanee staff) extremely good to work with and I am looking forward to seeing the project come to fruition.” 

Selkirk also committed to being on the construction site every day. Information on the project start date will be made available in the future.

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