Napanee’s Cole Miller launches cannabis beverages

Cole Miller of Twelves Barrels mixes a drink during Napanee's Take Over event. The Napanee native has recently teamed with Iconic Brewing to release a line of cannabis beverages. File photo.

Desiree DeCoste
Beaver Staff

Napanee native and Twelve Barrels whisky and RockPoint beer owner Cole Miller, has partnered with Iconic Brewing out of Toronto, to release his latest product: THC infused water.

Miller, who started making wine when he was 16 in his bedroom, is now 24 and was looking for a healthier alternative to alcohol.

“I’ve been running Twelve Barrels whiskey and Rockpoint beer for a few years now and was starting to actively cut back my alcohol content for health-conscious reasons and the hangovers and all that good stuff,” Miller expressed. “I was looking for an alternative and it lead to cannabis beverages as the initial induction.”

Based in Napanee, he also spends a lot of time in Toronto with business partners from Iconic Brewing.

“I’m based full-time in Napanee, that’s where I operate the business from, I just spend a lot of time in Toronto,” said Miller. “We’ve partnered up with Iconic Brewing and they’re based out of Toronto. What happened was when I originally got working on the cannabis drink, I was working on them on my own, and then I knew the guys who run Iconic Brewing quite well and they were working on cannabis beverages as well, their the guys behind Cottage Springs Vodka Soda, and so we ended up partnering up together and pooling our resources to take on the cannabis beverage project. Some of the business is run from Napanee and some of the business is run from Toronto, but I still live in Napanee.”

Summit, which was released last week, is a THC infused citrus water, and Basecamp, which was released March 11, is a CBD infused ice tea.

The beverages of course come with a form of warning labels and are a bit similar to beer in that sense.

“Similar to beer, cannabis beverages need warning labels,” stated Miller. “Health Canada needs warning labels that have to go on the packaging. Some of them say, ‘don’t consume while breastfeeding’, ‘effects could last for six-12 hours’, ‘keep out of the reach of children’, and I think there are six or seven different warnings in total.”

The products will be available at Ontario private retailers. The two closest legal stores for Napanee are Fire and Flower, and Spirit Leaf in Kingston.

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