Every day heroes emerge in battle against COVID-19

Turning on the news or picking up a paper these days may cause anything from fear, to anxiety to extreme disappointment in mankind.

As COVID-19 continues to ravage countries all around the world, finding the bright side in any of this can feel like a fool’s errand. At times even this writer doesn’t want to check the news-which is an odd feeling coming from someone who has spent most of their adult life working in a newsroom.

Despite the ongoing crisis-the likes of which few, if anyone alive today has seen in their lifetime, it’s still possible to find stories of inspiration while simultaneously not taking the situation too lightly.

Stories such as Napanee’s Diamond Fitness MMA providing free online workout classes via Facebook Live to help families stave off boredom while practicing social distancing. Or a local business like Season’s Fine Foods and Catering delivering meals to Loyalist College students who were forced to relocate to hotels when their dorms closed down. Complete strangers offering to do a shopping run for people returning from abroad that are mandated to go into quarantine. Of course, there wouldn’t be a grocery store for them to collect those items from were it not for dedicated workers who have continued to operate essential services, whether they be stocking shelves, operating the cash register or trucking supplies across the country to ensure shelves stay full. Here at home, Lennox and Addington County Warden and Greater Napanee Mayor Marg Isbester has done an outstanding job keeping residents up to date through social media.

Though there have been plenty of reports of party-goers disregarding the orders and continuing to gather en mass on crowded beaches, let’s not forget those who are actually following the suggestions, which does appear to be the majority.

Even Canada’s government, which appeared so divided just a few months ago following the election, has shown an inspiring ability to work together in this crisis and put previously unheard of measures in place to try and mitigate the financial loss to Canadians who have to shut down their business or stay home from work.

There’s been several ‘happy’ stories just here locally that the above list is just a small sample size and not meant to be an all encompassing list.

And it’s always worth mentioning the many dedicated workers in the medical field who continue to work around the clock in this time of need, whether it be on the front lines treating patients or in the labs working on preventive measures.

Trying times are still looming. Taking a little extra time to look for the positive now and then will go a long way towards getting us through it.

-Adam Prudhomme

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