Cabin Fever Cartoon Contest With Napanee Beaver Cartoonist Tim Nimigan

Napanee Beaver cartoonist Tim Nimigan with his CCNA award winning Our Town entry. Photo by Adam Prudhomme.

The Napanee Beaver and Our Town cartoonist, Tim Nimigan, are offering an idea to help parents and students keep occupied during the extended March Break.

If your student likes to draw, we are conducting a cartoon contest for two age groups: 7-12 and 13-18

Topic: Something funny and original that was inspired by something that you saw, did, heard or could easily imagine happening in Greater Napanee and area.

Type of Humour: clean and friendly (not suggestive, crude, vulgar or mean spirited)

Style: The style and the characters are up to you. It could involve people or animals.

Size: use a 8 ½” x 11” sheet of white paper; draw your cartoon inside a rectangle that is 6 ¼” wide x 5 ½” tall (16cm x 14cm) on that piece of paper. This will be a single-frame and single-caption cartoon.

Caption: If the cartoon needs a caption, it should fit at least one cm in from both sides of the cartoon and be placed just underneath but not touching the cartoon frame. It can be either typed or printed if you have neat printing.

Media: You may plan the cartoon in pencil. Then go over it with a fine tip black marker once you have what you want. Erase any excess pencil lines.

Signing: Sign the cartoon inside the frame of the cartoon in either the bottom left or right, whichever doesn’t interfere with your drawing too much. On the back of your cartoon print in pencil: your name, your age, contact email and/or phone number.

Do not: use colour or add shading with your pencil. You may create some tone (shading) with fine line marker by using hatching, cross-hatching or pointillism but otherwise just a line drawing is fine.

Prize: There will be a prize of $20 for the winner in each of the two age categories

Bonus! Have your cartoon published in The Napanee Beaver! Note: If either or both of the winning cartoons need any tweaking before going in the paper, Tim will help the artist with that to get it print ready.

The deadline is Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Please send either a scanned digital copy to Tim at or drop a hard copy off at the office of The Napanee Beaver, 72 Dundas St. E., Greater Napanee.

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