KENNEDY – Deborah Sharon

KENNEDY – In memory of Deborah Sharon Kennedy.

We kept thinking somehow
You’d be able to stay,
Sadly, we know
It doesn’t work that way.
We miss our dear,
Unselfish friend,
Always putting others first,
Right until the end.
From New York to Pittsburgh
And all places in between,
If it hadn’t been for your initiative
We never would have seen,
Theatre, TV shows,
Another stay at Myrtle Beach,
As the days went by,
You still wanted it to be within our reach.
Our tears turn to laughter
As we think of all the fun
Despite your silent suffering,
We were going to get it done.
We’ve carried on without you,
Of course it’s not the same
As we gather, reliving memories,
Honouring your name.
Never forgotten.

Love your travel group.

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