Looking Back Week of August 8

80 Years ago
Aug. 9, 1939

The age of miracles was not past the firm believe of five people who were involved in a motor car accident about two miles east of Napanee.
Two vehicles, including one driven by the mayor of Mount Forest, Ont., were involved in a collision when one car spun out on the highway and struck the left door of the other. The second car was knocked off the road and into a ditch, grazing a telegraph before landing in a five foot ditch. The car received extensive damage on the left side totaling $350.

The two young men driving the car that spun out, both students of Queen’s University, were slightly hurt in the accident but otherwise alright. No major injuries were reported.

30 Years Ago
Aug. 9, 1989

-Four hundred job seekers were screened in the second of seven phases during employment seminars for Goodyear Napanee.

During the 45-minute informative speech, the applicants viewed a video to learn more about the company that was in the process of establishing a plant in Richmond Township.

-Napanee’s recycling project was entering a phase that would bring it one step closer to completion, said councillor Shaune Lucas.

The town was trying to organize a hazardous waste disposal day. Council was in talks to bring in a firm that would collect the hazardous materials brought in by residents and business owners.

-The Napanee BIA began distributing pamphlets to store owners warning that a new by-law would make it more difficult for them to kick unwanted guests out of their establishments.

-In an effort to discourage loitering ‘gangs’ that were deemed bad for business, the Napanee BIA had decided to remove a bench, determined to be a popular hangout spot, from a Dundas Street sidewalk.

-Rain wasn’t enough to keep the crowd away at the 157th Napanee Fair, which saw a huge turnout for horse racing, live music and animal judging.

-The North Fred Kings captured silver at the Canadian championships, held in New Brunswick. The Kings were forced to play the gold medal game without some of their top players following a bench clearing altercation in a previous game against Manitoba.

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