Looking Back Week of July 11

80 Years Ago

July 19 1939

Interest in baseball in the Town of Napanee was no new development, but the facilities for playing the game were never so good as in 1939, when through the generosity of G.E. Gibbard, the town had one of the finest ballparks in the province.

-Glenn Brooks, 11, was hailed as a hero for rescuing his eight-year-old cousin Jack Fuse from drowning in 30 feet of water near their grandfather’s farm in Hay Bay.
The two boys were in a row boat when the younger one attempted to swim back to shore. Being unable to swim, he slipped under the water but quick action from his cousin saved his life.

-The Napanee Lion’s Club was presented with a ‘welcome’ highway sign by Lions International in recognition of its sponsorship of the Trenton Lion’s Club, which had just recently been formed.

30 Years Ago
July 12 1989

Mikoh the monkey was given a new lease on life after he was to find a new home in Marlbank’s Philoxia.

The white-nosed Guenon monkey was rescued from a Hamilton area pet shop, where he had lived 12 years inside a small cage.

Philoxia owner Iilah Chickalo was looking to raise $14,000 to build Mikoh a shelter that was more suited to his needs.

-Recommendations from a provincial committee calling for a longer school year would face opposition in Lennox and Addington, said Willis Boston, the local director of education.

The legislative committee had suggested the Ontario government finance a number of pilot projects in an effort to allow boards to extend the school year into July and August.

Boston suggested adding an extra half semester to the existing school year would be the better option.

-Napanee residents were scurrying for shelter after a violent storm ripped through the area, downing power lines and toppling 100 year old trees.

The rare storm, which grew rapidly, was compared to a tornado. It lasted about an hour, leading to several days worth of clean up in its wake.

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