Deb Kimmett to perform hit Downward Facing Broad on Amherst Island July 19

Deborah Kimmett returns to Amherst Island July 19 where she'll be joined by Kim Pollard for an evening of comedy and live music. Submitted photo.

Adam Prudhomme

Hilarious observations on senior discounts, aging and how not to get into a fight on Facebook, mixed with an evening of soulful Blues, will be on tap at Amherst Island’s St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church on July 19.

Napanee’s Deb Kimmett will provide the laughs as she performs her hit show Downward Facing Broad while Napanee’s Kim Pollard injects soulful music throughout the 90 minute set that begins at 7:15 p.m. The event is a fundraiser for the Community Run Back Kitchen.

Kimmett, a regular on CBC television and radio, wrote the show as a CBC Comedy special and has been performing it across the province. Amherst Island will be a homecoming of sorts for the funny lady, as she lived 11 years on the rock.

Downward Facing Broad takes a look at the frustrations, perils and even joys of aging, told in Kimmett’s signature style of humour. The routine includes an apology to every grandmother she’s ever poked fun at, a story of her confronting her daughter’s sexual harasser with rosary beads, rants about how Canada has the largest aging population in its history, sees Kimmett go head to head with a sexist Rotarian in Arizona and discovers the merits of invisibility may include the ability to shoplift.

“The response has been people feel better about themselves and they feel better about the world and it’s very positive and funny,” said Kimmett.

The laughs aren’t limited to grandmothers either, as Kimmett says her audiences regularly include men as well. The material connects beyond age gaps as well, as Kimmett says millennials are able to relate as they too struggle to find their place in the world.

“I don’t want to become the fat Elvis that should have left long ago,” Kimmett jokes, reflecting on how she can sometimes feel trying to stay relevant in the comedy field that so often ignores the older performers. “My kids are 30, 31 and it took them a lot longer to get their careers starter than when I was starting out. They’re relating to that ‘am I going to make my work in the world’ feeling.”

Between the stories and laughs, the show will feature performances by Pollard, a one time Canadian Female Jazz Vocalist of the Year award winner.

“We started doing shows together mostly in the area in Napanee, because when I travelled it’s too hard to bring another person along,” said Kimmett. “For the Ontario tour in the fall I’m bringing her along. She adds a really nice element. I have the comedy, she opens the show with a lot of music. I start, then she takes over. It’s a good partnership and we have a lot of fun with it.”

It’s been a busy year for Kimmett, who along with working on CBC’s upcoming series Tallboyz, has been writing her next piece tilted Woman of No Fixed Address. Earlier this year she was nominated for an outstanding role in the sort Keep Coming Back. On Aug. 17 she’ll be hosting a One Day VIP memoir writing class at Napanee’s Ellena’s Cafe.

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