Grade 5 student wins chance to be mayor for a day

Cornerstone Christian Academy student Ellysa Montgomery had the chance to serve as Greater Napanee's mayor for the day Tuesday, spending the day with mayor Marg Isbester. Photo by Adam Prudhomme.

Adam Prudhomme

Greater Napanee mayor Marg Isbester yielded power to a new mayor Tuesday morning, draping the Chain of Office around young Ellysa Montgomery’s neck.

Montgomery’s rule was short, but busy. The Grade 5 Cornerstone Christian Academy student won the right to serve as mayor for the day by placing the winning bid at the school’s fundraising Sweets and Treats auction.

After a briefing by the town’s Community Corporate Services, her day in office began.

“We’re going to the construction site, then we’re going out for lunch, then we’re going to the fire hall, ambulance, then we’ll be going to the police hall,” said Montgomery.

Along with a stop at Greater Napanee Emergency Services, she also shadowed Isbester during stops to local businesses and made an appearance on local radio.

She finished her busy day by opening the town’s regular council meeting on Tuesday evening, helping to announce Greater Napanee Emergency Service’s firefighter recruits.

“I always wanted to be the mayor, and I know it’ll be fun to be mayor,” Montgomery said when asked why she put in a bid to be mayor.

Isbester was more than happy to give up the chair to a young female with high aspirations. She hopes more girls would follow her lead.

“Not just in politics, but in management, senior management job positions,” said Isbester. “I was at the convocation dinner for Loyalist the other day. It’s amazing how few females there were, but they’re getting more. I don’t think gender makes a difference, but it does encourage more young girls to look up to it.”

Isbester said she’s always been about choosing the right candidate for the job regardless of gender, but hopes more girls would at least consider going for those leadership roles. She also hoped more schools would host similar ‘mayor for a day’ auctions.

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