Looking Back Week of February 28

80 Years Ago

March 1, 1939

– A representative of the Lions was in Napanee to interview younger businessmen for the purposes of starting a club in town. After much discussion about the club possibly taking away from the good work of the Rotary Club, it was decided there was enough work in town to warrant two service organizations. Also, it was noted much of Rotary’s fundraising work helped crippled children, while the Lions would focus on developing citizenship skills in youth. G. Ernest Gibbard would be the first president of the new club.

– Lennox and Addington County turned down a proposal from the Town of Napanee that would decrease the town’s share of the new equalized assessment by $370,000 by transferring that cost to other municipalities. By turning down the deal, the County allowed Napanee to proceed with a pending legal challenge of equalization in the Ontario Court of Appeal.

– Heavy snow and high winds completely blocked several county roads for days. North-south roads were particularly bad. It took more than three days for County Rd. 41 to be made passable north of the village of Selby.  School pupils from the Tamworth area attending the Napanee Collegiate had a full week off as buses could not get through.

30 Years Ago

March 1, 1989

– After considerable public pressure, Richmond Township voted 3-2 in favour of a $6,000 raise that would keep clerk-treasurer Jim Kimmett on the municipal payroll. Kimmett had tendered his resignation after council rejected a proposed 25-per-cent pay hike for him and for two other employees he planned to promote as deputy clerks. That proposal, Kimmett said, was motivated by a significant increase in industrial development. Some 60 people were in attendance, supporting a deputation indicating taxpayers would pay extra to keep Kimmett.

– The Province, Lennox and Addington County, Napanee, and 12 service clubs combined to provide $30,000 to allow Lennox and Addington Seniors Outreach Services to introduce Lifeline, an emergency response program for elderly people living at home. Participating seniors would wear a waterproof transmitter which, when activated, would send a signal for help. Some 20 participants were identified to participate at a cost of $25 a month. Napanee would be the first location between Bowmanville and Brockville to offer the service.

-Despite Amherst Island residents’ concerns, the Lennox and Addington County Board of Education would not reverse a decision to ferry Grade 7-8 students to Bath for their education.

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