Looking Back Week of November 1

70 Years Ago

November 3, 1948

 –Two gasoline jiggers collided on the Canadian National Railway tracks near Marysville leaving seven men injured. Five men were taken to Belleville General Hospital,while two others were able to go home to Napanee. The most seriously injured man was said to have been treated for  broken bones and a concussion.

Fortunately, one of the men involved in the crash was able to throw a flare in time to alert an approaching freight train, which stopped before reaching the scene. Had it plowed into the jiggers, it most likely would have killed the men.

– Napanee reeve H.W. Vine, also chair of the town’s fire, water, and light commission stated that from Nov. 1, 1947 to Nov. 1, 1948 said there had been 58 fire calls with a cumulative loss of $15,000. Vine also announced the fire department had acquired two asbestos suits, one axe, and one fog nozzle at a savings from Modern Motors.

– A Smith Transport truck loaded with about $30,000 worth of liquor collided with a car in Morven. The transport overturned on the road and caught fire. Its driver has badly injured and taken to Kingston General Hospital. Both vehicles were badly damaged. About half of the liquor was believed to be salvaged. Police could not determine the cause of the accident as both drivers were too severely shaken up to be interviewed.

40 Years Ago

November 1, 1978

– Napanee council requested a meeting with Ontario Hydro after the company proposed transferring 55 employees from Lennox Generating Station and placing six of its generating units on reserve status due to a decline in demand for electricity. The move was expected to save more than $20 million.

Councillor William Lofgren estimated the move would have a negative economic impact of $1 million. Lofgren indicated the town had built extra housing and added services to support the plant. Deputy reeve Graham Strong opposed the move, stating the plant was “two municipalities away” and shouldn’t be of concern to the Napanee representatives.

– Marilyn Cieremans, the president of the Ontario Educational Association said she was dismayed the Lennox and Addington County Board of Education would consider eliminating family studies at the elementary school level.

– The Ontario Municipal Board was set to hold a hearing over a proposed five-year $5-million extension of Napanee water and sewer services into Richmond and North Fredericksburgh townships after 82 North Fredericksburgh residents voiced opposition to their municipality joining the service area.

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