Police warn of debit card PIN theft scam

Napanee OPP are looking for help to identify this suspect, one of three wanted in connection with a scam that took place at a Napanee gas station last month.

Beaver Staff

Napanee OPP are warning the public to be careful when using their debit cards following a scam that took place last month.

On July 26 police responded to a con artist theft that occurred at a local gas bar.

 The victim paid for an item inside the store using his debit card. A male suspect put a $10 dollar bill on the ground in close proximity to the victim so as to see his PIN being keyed into debit machine. The suspect then picked it up the $10 and claimed it belonged to the victim.  In the parking lot of the gas bar the suspect approached the victim again and claimed he was wrong and the $10 was actually his. When the victim opened his wallet to give the money back, the suspect used a quick change scam to steal the debit card out of the victim’s wallet without him knowing. The suspect then drained the victim’s bank account using the stolen card and the PIN number viewed at the store. This investigation is ongoing and an update will be available once video footage is captured to identity the suspect. Three suspects are involved.

A second suspect wanted in connection with the scam.


Anyone with any information or anyone that can identify the suspect is asked to contact the Napanee OPP at 613-354-3369 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS).

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