Looking back week of June 7

70 Years Ago

June 9, 1948

– Ontario’s Conservative government was re-elected, gaining 53 seats in the legislature — down from 65 previously. The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) took 22 seats and the Liberals 12. Premier George Drew’s future hung in the balance, however, as he lost his own riding of Toronto-Parkdale to a CCF candidate.

Locally, Prince Edward-Lennox was a Liberal gain as Donald Baxter earned the seat with 6,322 votes to Progressive Conservative James Hepburn’s 6,269. Independent Conservative candidate T. D. Creighton took 1,021 votes, which likely divided the incumbent Hepburn’s base for re-election. In Frontenac-Addington, it was an easy win for incumbent Progressive Conservative J.A. Pringle over Liberal Rev. James Daw and the CCF’s Earl Wagar as his 5,729 votes defeated their combined tally.

– The Newburgh fire department officially purchased a small, portable forest fire pumper for a cost of $509. The pump could be used to move water as far as three miles, provided adequate hoses were available. At the time of purchase, the department was still $200 shy of the total price and was soliciting donations for the difference.

– The parishioners of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church met a new rector for the first time in over two decades as Rev. W.J. Robinson preached for the first time in his new church after replacing long-serving Archdeacon R. J. Dumbrille.

40 Years Ago

June 7, 1978

– Napanee council voted 5-4 to not approve a decrease from six councillors to four for the next provincial election. Deputy-reeve Graham Strong, who made the motion, stated the move would make council’s composition similar to other councils in Lennox and Addington and make it easier to conduct business at Town Hall.

Mayor Lorne Smart was one of the members who voted against. He said the move would break with longstanding tradition in Napanee and also  he’d like to see ratepayers be able to voice their opinions on the proposed change before approval.

– Council passed a bylaw designating the area bound by West Street and Camden Road and Bridge Street and the Napanee River a business improvement area, subject to approval by the Ontario Municipal Board. Those against the bylaw had 60 days to object. If one-third of the area’s 116 businesses or more objected, it could not proceed.

– Forward Mike Martin, of Strathcona, was drafted by the Sudbury Wolves in the third round of the Ontario Hockey Association’s Junior A draft.

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