Greater Napanee council donates to victims of Broncos bus crash

Adam Prudhomme
Beaver Staff

Moved by the tragic crash involving the Humboldt Broncos Junior A hockey team’s bus, Greater Napanee councillors have decided to send their condolences with a letter to the Saskatchewan city and a $700 donation from their own pockets.

Mayor Gord Schermerhorn opened last Tuesday’s regular meeting with a moment of silence for the victims of the crash.

“Certainly this brings to mind how much we should value life, said Schermerhorn. “When I heard about it I phoned my kids just to hear their voice. We certainly have our thoughts with the parents of these young men.”

Schermerhorn’s comments came prior to the passing of Humboldt Broncos’ athletic trainer Dayna Brons, who died in hospital Wednesday afternoon, becoming the 16th victim.

Deputy mayor Marg Isbester put forward the motion to donate to the victims’ medical fund, adding that council use their own money. Councillor Max Kaiser seconded the motion.

“Some of the people are going to be up against life long expenses,” said Isbester. “No matter if they’re covered by some sort of insurance.”

Councillor Shaune Lucas said the tragedy hit home for him as a former hockey player who took several bus trips as a teenager.

“It certainly sent a chill down my back,” said Lucas, added how impressed he was with how quickly the Humboldt community was able to come together and host a touching memorial for the victims.

He also added that communities across the country should pay close attention to the findings of the police officers who are investigating the crash and learn how they can avoid future tragedies.

“I guess it shows how important the work done locally to ensure intersections are well lit, well signed, speed bumps, just little things like that,” added Lucas. “There are a lot of things done at the local level that the public doesn’t see.”

Meanwhile hundreds of Lennox and Addington residents showed their support by taking part in national jersey day, which was held across Canada in honour of the victims.

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