Workshop on wells, septic systems at SPC Monday

Adam Bramburger

Beaver Staff

Wells and septic systems are a regular fixture of rural living for many, but for many homeowners they’re not always front of mind.

The Lennox and Addington County Stewardship Council and the Town of Greater Napanee are hoping to bring them back into focus Monday evening.

“Once you put them in, you kind of forget about them,”said stewardship council member Lawrence O’Keeffe. “The only time you think about them is when they fail and you’re stuck with a bill.”

O’Keeffe attended a workshop presented by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA)about groundwater protection and vulnerability and thought there was a lot of good information for homeowners there. He brought the idea back to the stewardship council and they decided they’d offer a trial workshop that, if successful, could be replicated across eastern Ontario.

Agroup of eight local speakers, each an expert in his or her chosen field will be present at the Strathcona Paper Centre for the workshop from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Holly Evans and Katrina Furlanetto of the CRCA will talk about groundwater vulnerability, particularly in limestone regions;  Quinte Conservation’s Lynette Lambert and Maya Navrot will speak about their groundwater monitoring program; KFLAPublic Health’s Gord Mitchell will talk about septic systems and maintenance; Public Health Ontario’s Dr. Anna Majury will speak on contamination research; and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s Warren Lusk and Natalie Spina have a well-researched presentation on well regulation, siting issues, abandonment and decommissioning — a serious issue across Ontario.

There will also be a series of booths from organizations to offer additional consultation and information.

In addition to the information presented by the experts Monday, O’Keeffe said attendees will also learn information about receiving a special Groundwater Protection Workbook prepared by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. Though the book will not be ready for distribution at the session, it will be available in public libraries and there will be a link to an online copy.

Between speakers there will also be a series of draws for free prizes, including comprehensive well water tests valued at over $300.

O’Keeffe said over 180 people have already registered for the workshop, but there’s still time to enroll. Those interested in registering should visit the website He believes it will be worth the time,

“Agreat deal of co-ordinated effort has been put into the planning of this event given its importance to residents across the county.”

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