Soon-to-be hits in 2018

By Catherine Coles
Coles Notes

If you are always on the lookout for something fresh and exciting to read, you may want to consider reserving one of the following novels to be released early in the New Year.

Need to Know by Karen Cleveland is a fluffy espionage thriller/domestic drama mash up…and it is “unputdownable”! Vivian is a CIA analyst who is investigating a Russian sleeper cell. She is on the cusp of a big break, but then she stumbles upon some information that will turn her personal life upside down. It is difficult to say much more without giving away major spoilers. I polished this one off in an evening because it’s such a fun, fast-paced read! Look for Need to Know when it’s released in January. Side note: the film rights to this novel have already sold — so you’ll be able to look for it on the big screen eventually too!

I was very excited to hear that there is a new book by Kim Fu, the young author of For Today I am a Boy. Luckily, her new book The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore is just as thoughtful and immersive as her debut. It follows five young girls on a camping trip who suddenly find themselves stranded in the middle of a dense Pacific Northwest forest without any adult supervision.

This survival story alternates with stories from the girls’ lives in the aftermath, as they navigate life as teenagers and adults. The idea being, I think, that they are just as much lost souls as grownups as they were when literally lost in the bush as kids. The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore is a character-driven novel first and foremost, but it also boasts an interesting structure. It’s even a bit suspenseful at times — just don’t go into it thinking you’ll find a thriller. It is definitely a book to check out when it’s released in February.

Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan is an interesting mix of courtroom drama and domestic mystery. Set in the U.K., it follows a top politician/media darling’s fall from grace. He cheated on his wife with a colleague – that’s confirmed – but when the woman with whom he had the affair alleges that their last encounter was in fact rape, the media storm reaches a whole other level. The ordeal becomes a he says/she says situation as the trial ensues. On the side of the prosecution is Kate, a lawyer assigned to the case who is certain he is guilty. On the side of the defence is Sophie, the humiliated wife who seems more desperate to save face than find out the truth. Both women are connected – but you only find out how as the story progresses. Anatomy of a Scandal isn’t exactly a fast-paced page-turner, but it’s compelling (and certainly timely!) nonetheless. It will be released in January.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with advance reader copies of these titles in exchange for honest reviews. If you wish to reserve one of these titles, visit and place a hold today.

Catherine Coles is the Manager of Library Services for L&A County.

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