High-flying Circus Orange brings new show to town

Circus Orange performs at the L&A County Courthouse for the county's 150th anniversary in 2014. (Beaver File Photo)

By Adam Prudhomme
Staff Reporter

Don’t try this at home.

That phrase is no doubt uttered quite a bit when Circus Orange takes the stage, just as they will on Saturday to light up the sky during L&A County’s tribute to Canada’s 150th.

The Hamilton, Ont. based group will dazzle audiences with their unique mix of acrobatics, pyrotechnics and gravity defying dance routines.

Audience members may remember Circus Orange from 2014, when they took part in the county’s 150th celebrations.

“We did the aerial mobile back then,” said Rebecca Carney, artistic director with Circus Orange. “This time it’s a very different piece. Our influence is fire and pyrotechnics so we will be using that, with aerial as well.”

Performers will execute an elaborate dance routine high above the stage with the added excitement of pyrotechnics erupting all around them.

It all comes together to create an electrifying spectacle, albeit with a bit of nervous energy from the crowd down below.

“We do all the choreography to keep the performers safe,” said Carney, who admits the element of flames shooting off near a performer balancing on a beam several stories above the ground adds unique challenges.

“If there’s pyro on an apparatus, then you can’t perform in that area. Sometimes the choreography is restricted in terms of where they can perform on that apparatus or on the stage,” he continues.

That hint of danger isn’t lost on the audience below. That uneasy energy however just adds to the performance.

“It’s amazing,” said Carney. “That’s why we do it. We always want the audience to enjoy themselves at our performances. We started out just bringing them an experience, an exciting experience.”

Circus Orange will be joined by Sol and the Switchblades and 70’s Revolution featuring Andrew Martin as the live acts who will perform ahead of the headlining act, The Irish Descendants. Audience members may have caught Sol and the Switchblades earlier this summer as the first act of the Music by the River concert series.  The three piece rockabilly group will perform hits from the 1950s and 60s.

As for 70’s Revolution frontman Martin, he can often be found singing the national anthem at Napanee Raider home games. The Napanee native has also taken the stage at Fallsview Casino and has garnered several awards for his vocal talents. His band will perform covers of classic tunes from The Eagles, Elton John, Journey, Elvis Presley and more.

The show, which is free of charge, gets underway at 7 p.m. outside the Lennox and Addington County Court House.

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