The Cartwrights and the Napanee Golf & Country Club

The Napanee Golf and Country Club is certainly deserving of your article, ‘NGCC Celebrates 120 year history’, in your Aug. 3 edition.  It should be noted, however, that Sir Richard Cartwright, a prominent landowner and Minister of the Crown in the Laurier government, was not a golfer. His son, Dr. Richard Conway Cartwright was a golfing member, on the board of the club in 1920 and the man who, in 1926, sold the land for the existing golf course.

The subtle changes made to the Club since its beginning, include an expansion from about five holes to nine holes, addition of more tees and greens, a clubhouse in 1907 and a new clubhouse in 1926, which has been added to and improved many times.

As well as providing the community with winter downhill recreation, the club has also graduated five junior members who became professional golfers and three others who went into greenskeeping at other clubs.

Please note that the book, A History of Golf in Napanee from 1897 was published solely for the benefit of the Napanee Golf and Country Club, which will derive all profits from its sale.

Art and Cathy Hunter,
Stone Mills

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